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Conversion Of CPL: Foreign License to Indian CPL (USA, NZ,SA)

Updated: Mar 5

Dreaming of soaring through the Indian skies as a professional pilot? If you currently hold a pilot's license from another ICAO Contracting State and wish to make India your aviation playground, understanding the intricacies of converting your foreign license to an Indian Professional Pilot License (CPL) is paramount. This guide unravels the steps and prerequisites for a seamless transition into the vibrant Indian aviation landscape.

Step 1: Gathering Vital Documents

Embarking on this conversion journey necessitates an organized assembly of essential documents:

  • Valid Foreign Pilot's License: The foundation of your conversion process - ensure your foreign license is in full force.

  • Verification Letter from Issuing State: Obtain an official letter affirming the authenticity of your foreign license.

  • Valid Foreign Class-I Medical Assessment: A current medical certificate from your license's country of origin is mandatory.

  • Authenticated Log Book: Your flying history in the past five years, authenticated by your country's aviation authority, is crucial.

  • Certificates of Skill Tests: Particularly if pursuing a multi-engine rating, verified certificates of skill tests are essential.

  • Statement of Cross-Country Flights: A record of your cross-country flying hours, especially if seeking an Instrument Rating (IR), is necessary.

  • Cross-Country Check Reports: Reports for at least three cross-country checks that adhere to specific criteria.

  • Night Flying Experience: A minimum of 5 hours of instrument time within six months if applying for an IR.

  • Multi-Engine Endorsement: Be prepared for a knowledge test if seeking a multi-engine endorsement.

  • Personality Assessment Screener Test: A personality assessment, akin to the Harrison test, is on the horizon.

Step 2: Preparing on Indian Soil

The Indian skies beckon, but not without a checklist:

  • General Flying Test Report: A report from an approved Indian institute covering day, night, and instrument rating tests.

  • Signal Reception Tests Report: Report from an approved Indian flying training institute if not conducted abroad.

  • Pass Results of Air Regulation and Composite Papers: A passing grade in Air Regulation and Composite Papers (Met+Navigation) within the last 30 months.

  • Indian Class-I Medical Assessment: Obtain an Indian Class-I medical assessment to ensure your fitness.

  • Indian RTR(A): If you don't possess an RTR(A) from your home country, secure one in India.


Converting your foreign pilot's license into an Indian CPL is a remarkable voyage, intricately woven with procedural steps and documentation. By meticulously adhering to these guidelines and meeting each requirement, you're paving the runway to your Indian aviation career. It's imperative to maintain close contact with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) or relevant authorities for the latest information and guidance. As you navigate the skies of India, remember that your determination, skills, and commitment will guide you to the horizons you've always aspired to conquer. Happy flying in the incredible Indian airspace!

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