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Smart Logbook Binder

Smart Logbook Binder is a high quality Pilot Logbook binder, useful for attaching printed logbook reports and maintaining a logbook which is compliant with aviation authorities and airlines across the world.


✅ PDF reports generated on Wingman app can be printed and attached inside this binder and kept as a personal backup of logbook


✅ High quality paper set - 100 pages of B5 Size, printable both sides


✅ Binder also contains pre-printed blank pages where details of Training/Check flights and Simulators can be filled in and certified.


✅ A card holder with display window and document sleeve lets you keep your license and documents safely with the logbook.


Contents -

  1. High Quality Logbook Binder with license card holder and document sleeve

  2. High quality 100 GSM paper in B5 size (176x250mm)

  3. Pre-Printed pages for

    • Carry forward experience

    • Training inserts

    • Simulator pages



Shipping - 

Ships in 24-36 hours


Average delivery time

5-7 Days

For any queries, contact us on -

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