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eGCA Upload

At Wingman, we never stop innovating. After DGCA went digital via their eGCA platform, there was a need for pilots to maintain a personal logbook which is compatible with the new systems of the eGCA e-logbook.

We took up the challenge to make the process of uploading logbook data on eGCA e-logbook a simple one. 

We built the feature directly inside Wingman where our algorithms do most of the heavy lifting and pilots only have to fill up a few mandatory fields. 

The best part is that your logbook entries are first saved in Wingman as part of  your personal digital logbook and then they are uploaded to eGCA. 

As a pilot, all you have to do now is finish your day's flying, quickly fill up the sectors in Wingman (made easier using roster import) and then just press 'Upload To eGCA' . It's really as simple as that.

Uploading to eGCA directly from Wingman ensures that there are no differences in your personal logbook and your eGCA e-logbook. While applying for license renewal, even the CA39 can be generated from Wingman and that too will match your eGCA e-logbook to the minute. 

If it's too hard to believe, go ahead and watch the video where we showcase the process. 

The steps to upload data on eGCA from Wingman are available here -

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