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eGCA Upload 

         2. Date range upload for upto a month

Please read all the guidelines carefully. Not following the guidelines may lead to errors in the upload process

Do Not attempt to upload any flights that you have already uploaded manually on eGCA. It might duplicate those entries

Entries prior to 31 Dec 2020 should be uploaded using the 'Previous Entry' option. Entries after 1 Jan 2021 should be uploaded using the 'Current Entry' option

The video below should be watched if you are new to the eGCA Upload Process.

  • eGCA upload is provided via 2 methods -

    1. Upload of a single flight at a time​

  • Please ensure the selection of correct FTO and Verifier in the settings

  • Double check everything before attempting to upload

  • Following fields are mandatory for a flight to be uploaded -

    1. eGCA Flight type and Flight Purpose(s)​

    2. Full eGCA Id of PIC or Co Pilot 

    3. Correct timings for the sector

    4. Other fields like date, airports, etc

  • For STL and Cross country, selecting the checkboxes applies the appropriate eGCA flight  purposes/exercise types​​​.

  • For Co pilots - Keep the operating capacity as 'Co-Pilot' regardless of STL. The app makes necessary adjustments to mark it as P1US on eGCA. Doing this keeps your hours counted under Co Pilot column only.

  • Multiple Flight Purposes can be selected manually


  • No duplicate flights should exist in your Wingman database

  •       - This icon denotes that a flight has been successfully uploaded on eGCA

  •       - A flight is locked for edits after it is uploaded to eGCA, to avoid unintended edits. You can unlock it if required

  • Upload errors may occur due to various reasons. The error description is available within each flight that is not uploaded.

Last updated - 23/06/2021

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