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Class 1 Medical for Pilots

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

For an initial medical:

Determine if it is an initial medical assessment or a renewal medical.

Initial medicals are done when a person with a valid Class II medical applies for the first time for a Class I medical (required for a Commercial Pilot License).

If the last Class I medical is more than two years old, a fresh initial (re-initial) medical is required.

Initial medical examinations are conducted only at Indian Air Force (IAF) Boarding Centers, such as

  • IAM, IAF Bangalore,

  • AFCME New Delhi,

  • MEC(E) Jorhat,

  • 11 Air Force Hospital (11 AFH) Hindon,

  • Command Hospital Air Force Bangalore (CHAF'B').

Issuance & Renewal of Medical at IAF Boarding Centers
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A valid NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the DGCA, along with an approved medical appointment, is required for these medical examinations.

For a renewal medical:

Class I medical assessments are valid for one year for individuals under 40 years of age in Multi-crew Commercial Air Transport Operations, or six months for individuals above 40 years of age in Single crew commercial air transport operations.

The renewal medical can be done anytime within one month before the expiry of the validity of the medical assessment to the date of expiry. If done earlier or later than that, an NOC is required.

The renewal medical can be done after the expiry of the validity of the previous medical, but not beyond two years since the date of the last medical, along with an NOC.

Renewal medical examinations are conducted at Indian Air Force Medical Examination Centres and by DGCA empanelled Class I Medical Examiners. The specific centres and examiners can be found on the DGCA website.

Class 1 Medical Examiners
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To get an appointment for a Class I Medical, the process varies depending on whether it is at an IAF Boarding Centre or with a Class I Examiner.

Find the recent list of the DGCA approved Class 1 Examiners. Please note that the approval list changes from time to time and it is best to check on the website, under PERSONNEL --> MEDICAL.

Medical Requirements
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The process of application for a Class 1 Medical is almost the same like the Class 2 Medical Application. Click below to know more.

You can get a more detailed information and the steps involved for the Class 1 Medical Application in eGCA.

Apply for Class 1 Renewal
Download PDF • 1.91MB

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