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How to Apply for Class 2 Medical Assessment on eGCA ?

Updated: Mar 5

Securing a Class 2 medical assessment is a significant milestone for aspiring pilots and Air Taxi and Commercial Operators (ATCO). This assessment is a prerequisite for obtaining a license and is overseen by the Directorate of Medical. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the detailed process of applying for a Class 2 medical assessment on the eGCA platform. We'll cover each necessary step, requirements, and the responsibilities of all parties involved in the application process.

Understanding the Prerequisites

Before you embark on your Class 2 medical assessment application, let's delve deeper into the prerequisites you should be mindful of:

  • Annual Requirement: All c

andidates must obtain a medical clearance each year, indicating the need for regular assessments.

  • eGCA Registration: To begin the application process, you must be registered on the DGCA portal with a valid eGCA ID.

  • Age Limit: Applicants must be at least 16 years old but no older than 65, ensuring a suitable age range for aviation roles.

  • Class 2 Validation: Prior to applying for a Class 1 assessment, ensure you possess a valid Class 2 medical assessment.

Now, let's explore each step in detail:

Step 1: Register on eGCA

  • Start by visiting the eGCA portal, accessible online.

  • During registration, you can either use your existing computer and PMR number or sign up as a new pilot.

  • Once your registration is complete, a unique ID will be generated and sent to you via email or as a text message.

Step 2: Request a Medical Assessment

  • Return to the eGCA portal and navigate to the section where you can raise a request for a Medical assessment.

Step 3: Select an Examiner

  • Here, you must choose a DGCA empaneled Examiner for Medical. These examiners are authorized to conduct your medical assessment.

Step 4: Fill the Application Form

  • Completing the e-form accurately is crucial. You must ensure it aligns with the nature of your request. Fill in the Basic Details and Personal Details as very accurately.

  • Submit the application online along with a recent photograph.

  • The e-form should contain comprehensive personal details and a clear medical declaration.

Step 5: Application ID

  • Upon successful submission of the form, an application ID will be automatically generated for you.

  • You will receive both an email and an SMS notification. The email will contain a list of blood tests that you need to undergo.

Step 6: Upload Investigation Reports

  • Prior to your scheduled medical examination, it is necessary to upload all the required investigation reports as indicated by the DGCA.

  • View application from “Track Status” and Upload Investigation Reports.

Step 7: Visit the Examiner

  • On the appointed day, visit the DGCA empaneled Examiner for your medical checkup.

  • View the application from “Track Status” and Re-validate your application form in the presence of the examiner.

  • Importantly, bring a hard copy of the ID proof you uploaded during your initial registration, as this will be verified.

Step 8: Examiner's Assessment

  • The examiner will conduct a thorough checkup.

  • If you meet the required medical standards, you will be issued a medical certificate (CA-35).

  • This certificate will be made available for download on the eGCA portal.

Services-> Search -> View Medical Assessment

Step 9: Medical Directorate's Review

  • Following your examination, the DMS(CA) at the Medical Directorate will receive your medical application.

  • Subsequently, they will assess your fitness status and categorize you as fit, temporarily unfit, or permanently unfit.

Step 10: Notification

  • If you are deemed fit, the medical assessment will be conveyed to you via the eGCA portal as well as through email.

  • In the case of being found unfit, an unfitness letter will be communicated in the same manner.

Step 11: Access Your Assessment

  • You can easily download your medical assessment or unfitness letter in PDF format from the eGCA portal using your applicant login.

Services-> Search -> View Medical Assessment

Attaining a Class 2 medical assessment is a pivotal step in your journey towards a career as a pilot or ATCO. This comprehensive guide breaks down each facet of the application process, ensuring that you can navigate it with confidence. Pay close attention to the prerequisites, complete your application meticulously, and attend your medical examination as required. With this detailed roadmap, you can smoothly progress toward your Class 2 medical assessment, and we wish you the utmost success in your aviation pursuits!

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