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RTR Examination

Updated: Mar 5

The Certificate of Proficiency - Radio Telephony Restricted (COP-RTR) is a mandatory license for students enrolled in the Commercial Pilot License Training Course in India. All students are required to successfully clear the Radio Telephone Restricted to Aeromobile (RTR-A) Examination administered by the Wireless Planning Wing (WPC), Ministry of Communications, New Delhi.

The RTR (A) exam aims to evaluate the effective communication skills of aspiring pilots using radio telephony equipment installed in aircraft and Air Traffic Service Units. The assessment assesses the ability to communicate efficiently with Air Traffic Control (ATC), follow proper procedures during emergency, distress, or urgency situations, and engage in routine communications with ATCs and other aircraft.

The RTR (A) examination consists of two parts: Part-1 and Part-2, with a total of 200 marks.

RTR (A) Part-1: This section carries 100 marks and has a duration of 25 minutes. In this part, candidates are required to answer five questions based on routine and emergency situations that can occur during aircraft handling. They must use the radio equipment provided in the examination hall to make transmissions and also write down the entire transmission on the answer sheet. The examiner records the student's transmission for each question. The assessment is based on the student's performance, and the results are typically declared on the same day. Only those who pass Part-1 are eligible to proceed to Part-2.

RTR (A) Part-2: This section is a viva or oral examination and carries 100 marks. It is conducted by officials from the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), AAI (Airports Authority of India), and WPC (Wireless Planning Wing). The examination covers various topics related to aviation radio communication. The detailed syllabus, based on the ITU Radio Regulation-1990, can be found on the WPC website. The syllabus includes regulations and procedures related to radio telephony.

Successful candidates will be notified of their results after the assessment. Passing both Part-1 and Part-2 is necessary to obtain the Certificate of Proficiency - Radio Telephony Restricted (COP-RTR).

RTR (A) examination test centres for the year 2023:

  1. New Delhi

  2. Mumbai

  3. Chennai

  4. Hyderabad

  5. Kolkata

Validity of RTR licence:

There's no need to appear for the examination or renewal. Once you clear it the licence is valid for lifetime.

Application format for RTR A Examination:

RTR exam Application
Download PDF • 209KB

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