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All about the salary of a Pilot in India

Updated: Mar 5

Becoming an airline pilot is a dream for many aviation enthusiasts in India. Apart from the thrill of flying, the allure of a fulfilling career and attractive compensation packages make this profession highly sought after. In this blog, we will delve into the airline pilot salaries offered by major airlines in India. From budget carriers to full-service airlines, each offers its own remuneration packages and benefits, making it essential for aspiring pilots to understand the nuances before choosing their career path.

IndiGo Airlines

IndiGo, India's largest and most successful budget airline, is a preferred choice for many pilots. The airline offers competitive salaries to its flight crew. Starting salaries for co-pilots or first officers can range from 22 to 30 lakhs per annum, depending on factors like experience and type ratings. As pilots gain seniority and experience, their earnings can go up to 45 to 60 lakhs per annum or even higher.


SpiceJet, another prominent budget carrier, also provides attractive salary packages for pilots. The starting salary for first officers may range from 22 to 30 lakhs per annum, with the potential to increase as they progress in their careers. Senior captains with significant flight hours can earn up to 50 lakhs or more per annum.

Air India

Air India, the country's flagship carrier, offers competitive salaries to its pilots. First officers may start with an annual salary of 22 to 34 lakhs, while captains can earn around 60 to 70 lakhs per annum. Air India provides additional benefits such as housing allowances, medical insurance, and travel benefits, enhancing the overall compensation package.


Vistara, a joint venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, is a full-service airline known for its premium services. The airline offers attractive remuneration packages to its pilots. First officers can expect salaries starting from 24 to 30 lakhs per annum, while senior captains can earn 50 lakhs or more annually.


GoAir, a budget airline, offers competitive salaries to its pilots. First officers may receive annual compensation in the range of 22 to 26 lakhs, while experienced captains can earn 50 lakhs or more per annum.

AirAsia India

AirAsia India, a subsidiary of the Malaysian airline AirAsia, provides reasonable salaries to its flight crew. First officers' starting salaries can range from 22 to 30 lakhs per annum, while captains can earn up to 60 lakhs or more annually.

Important Considerations

  • Experience: Pilot salaries are often influenced by the number of flight hours and years of experience. As pilots gain more experience, their earning potential increases.

  • Aircraft Type Rating: Pilots with type ratings on specific aircraft may command higher salaries due to the demand for their expertise.

  • International Routes: Pilots flying international routes may receive additional benefits and allowances, contributing to higher overall compensation.

  • Benefits and Perks: Besides salaries, airlines often offer various benefits such as medical insurance, housing allowances, travel benefits, and retirement plans.

Choosing a career as an airline pilot in India promises not only the thrill of flying but also competitive salaries and attractive benefits. Each major airline in the country offers its unique compensation packages, reflecting the company's size, business model, and brand positioning. Aspiring pilots should carefully research and consider factors like career growth opportunities, fleet types, and additional benefits while making decisions about their career path. Ultimately, the joy of pursuing a passion for aviation and soaring through the skies makes the journey to becoming an airline pilot a truly fulfilling one.

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