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How to prepare for Techinal general and Technical specific exam : DGCA course for CPL

Updated: Mar 5

The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Technical General and Technical Specific exams can be formidable hurdles on the path to becoming a certified commercial pilot. These examinations test your knowledge on a wide range of technical aspects related to aviation, from aerodynamics to engine systems. We've compiled a guide to help you prepare for the DGCA CPL Technical General and Specific exams

Technical General: A Complex Blend of Topics

The Technical General exam is a comprehensive assessment of various subjects essential for a commercial pilot's understanding. It encompasses areas such as Principles of Flight (POF), aerodynamics, performance, mass and balance, and engines. To tackle this vast subject matter effectively, follow these steps:

1. Build a Strong Foundation

Begin your preparation with reputable textbooks. Some of the essential books for this phase include "Ground Studies for Pilot" and resources from Oxford Aviation Academy. Additionally, Keith Williams' materials are highly regarded for their in-depth coverage of technical topics.

2. Explore Additional Resources

While textbooks provide a solid foundation, it's essential to supplement your learning with a diverse range of resources. Consider referring to various technical aviation books and study materials. In India, specifically, explore the Question Banks (QB) and notes available from reputable aviation classes.

3. Maintain Laser Focus

The Technical General exam is notorious for its difficulty and trickiness. To conquer it, maintain unwavering concentration throughout your study sessions. Minimize distractions, create a dedicated study space, and set a study schedule that suits your learning style.


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4. The Aviator's Handbook by Cdr Thomas Tom

A valuable resource that deserves special mention is the "Aviator's Handbook" by Cdr Thomas Tom. This book, though available only in hard copy (found on Amazon, Sterling Book House, or directly from the author), offers comprehensive coverage of all aviation-related topics in the Indian context. It can serve as an excellent reference for your studies and revision.

Technical Specific: Mastering Your Aircraft's POH

The Technical Specific exam focuses on your knowledge of your specific aircraft's Pilot Operating Handbook (POH). While this paper may seem less daunting, it's crucial to approach it with the same level of dedication. Here's how to excel in this aspect:

1. Know Your POH Inside Out

Your aircraft's POH is your bible for this exam. Study it meticulously, understanding every aspect of your particular aircraft's operation, limitations, and procedures. This knowledge is not only vital for the exam but also for your safety as a pilot.

2. Supplement with Question Banks

While the POH should be your primary resource, consider using question banks to test your knowledge and reinforce your understanding. However, be cautious, as these materials may contain errors or omissions. Use them as supplementary study aids rather than sole sources of information.

Your Path to Success

In conclusion, passing the CPL Technical General and Technical Specific exams requires diligent preparation and a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Building a strong foundation with textbooks, exploring additional resources, and staying focused are essential for the Technical General exam. For the Technical Specific exam, your aircraft's POH is your best friend, supplemented by question banks for practice.

Remember, these exams are stepping stones on your journey to becoming a certified commercial pilot. Embrace the challenge, study diligently, and approach each topic with a thirst for knowledge. With the right mindset and a well-structured study plan, you can conquer these exams and soar to new heights in your aviation career.

Happy studying, and may your passion for aviation propel you toward success in these exams and beyond!

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