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Pilot training guides for egca dgca cpl atpl in India

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DGCA Approved Flying Schools in India

Updated: Mar 5

India, a country with a rich aviation history, has witnessed tremendous growth in the aviation sector over the years. As the demand for skilled pilots continues to rise, flying schools play a pivotal role in nurturing aspiring aviators, empowering them to take flight and fulfill their dreams. This article delves into the significance of flying schools in India and provides a comprehensive list of some of the most reputable institutions across the country.

Importance of Flying Schools in India:

Flying schools serve as the gateway for aspiring pilots, offering a structured and comprehensive approach to learning the art of flying. These institutions cater to individuals with a passion for aviation and instill in them the necessary knowledge and skills to operate various types of aircraft safely and efficiently. Some key aspects highlighting the importance of flying schools include:

  • Safety: Flying schools prioritize safety above all else, ensuring that students are well-trained in handling various scenarios and emergencies during flight.

  • Professionalism: The aviation industry demands a high level of professionalism, and flying schools impart discipline and a sense of responsibility in their students.

  • Skill Development: From the fundamentals of flight to advanced techniques, flying schools equip students with the skills required to navigate the skies confidently.

  • Regulations and Compliance: Aviation is a heavily regulated industry, and flying schools teach students about aviation laws and procedures to comply with national and international regulations.

  • Career Pathways: Many flying schools offer career-oriented programs that guide students toward becoming commercial pilots, opening doors to exciting opportunities in the aviation sector.

List of Flying Schools in India:

  1. Asia Pacific Flight Training Academy Ltd.

  2. Academy of Carver Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

  3. Alchemist Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

  4. Ambitions Flying Club Pvt. Ltd.

  5. Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd.

  6. Bihar Flying Institute

  7. Banasthali Vidyapith Gliding & Flying Club

  8. Blue Ray Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

  9. Chetak Aviation (A unit of Sultan Education Society)

  10. Chimes Aviation Academy

  11. Flytech Aviation Academy

  12. Falcon Aviation Academy

  13. Govt. Aviation Training Institute

  14. Govt. Flying Training School

  15. Garg Aviations Ltd.

  16. The Gujarat Flying Club

  17. Haryana Institute of Civil Aviation

  18. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi

  19. The Madhya Pradesh Flying Club Ltd.

  20. Nagpur Flying Club

  21. National Flying Training Institute Pvt. Ltd.

  22. Orient Flight Aviation Academy

  23. Patiala Aviation Club

  24. Pioneer Flying Academy Pvt. Ltd.

  25. Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Technology

  26. Redbird Flight Training Academy Pvt. Ltd.

  27. Sha-Shib Flying Academy

  28. SVKM NMIMS Academy of Aviation

  29. Saraswati Aviation Academy

  30. Telangana State Aviation Academy

  31. The Bombay Flying Club

  32. Wings Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

  33. FSTC Flying School Pvt. Ltd.

  34. Skynex Aero Pvt. Ltd.

  35. Jet Serve Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Find more details of these flight schools in the pdf below.

Flying schools
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Flying schools in India have been instrumental in shaping the future of aviation by producing skilled and competent pilots. With a focus on safety, professionalism, and skill development, these institutions provide the necessary foundation for aspiring aviators to embark on successful careers in the aviation industry. Whether one dreams of flying commercial aircraft or pursuing a career in general aviation, the flying schools mentioned above are just some of the many credible options available in India to begin an exciting journey into the world of flight.

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