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Registration of New Aerodrome on eGCA

Updated: Mar 5

In the realm of aviation, where precision and adherence to regulations are paramount, the process of aerodrome registration emerges as a crucial aspect. For those unfamiliar, aerodrome registration is the gateway for organizations to access a range of services within the e-Governance of Civil Aviation (eGCA). This blog post provides a concise overview of aerodrome registration, its necessity, and a simplified step-by-step guide to get you started.

Aerodrome Registration

At its core, an aerodrome serves as more than just a runway; it's a pivotal nexus connecting travelers and cargo with distant horizons. Aerodrome registration is the formal procedure through which entities seeking aerodrome services can register on the DGCA portal. This unlocks the door to a host of services available under the umbrella of eGCA, promoting efficiency and compliance in civil aviation.

The Why Behind

Aviation operates within a rigorous framework to ensure the safety and smooth operation of flights. Aerodrome registration is indispensable to this process, ensuring that aerodromes meet the stipulated standards set by aviation regulatory bodies. By registering, aerodrome operators gain access to a variety of services provided by different directorates operating within the eGCA structure.

Stepping into the process

Here's a simplified breakdown of the process to register a new aerodrome:

Step 1: Sign Up and User Type Selection

Start by signing up on the eGCA portal, designating your user type as "aerodrome."

Step 2: Choose Your User Type

Upon registration, select the appropriate user type from the following options:

  1. Indian Citizen

  2. Company

  3. Body Corporate

  4. Central Government

  5. State Government

  6. Company owned/controlled by Central Government

  7. Corporation owned/controlled by Central Government

  8. Company owned/controlled by State Government

  9. Corporation owned/controlled by State Government

  10. A Society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860

Step 3: Document Upload and Details

Upload the required registration certificate and provide accurate details as requested.

Step 4: Validate Email and Mobile

Secure the process by validating your email ID and mobile number through a One-Time Password (OTP).

Step 5: Application Submission

With all information validated and provided, finalize the process by submitting your aerodrome registration application.

Final Thoughts

As aviation advances in a digitally-driven era, streamlined processes like aerodrome registration shape the landscape. This efficient pathway to accessing vital services and complying with aviation standards ensures not only the operator's success but also the sector's overall advancement.

Whether you're a corporation, government entity, or a society with aviation aspirations, embarking on the journey of Aerodrome Registration can elevate your engagement with aviation. Remember, adherence to regulations and safety guidelines is the compass guiding your flight, and aerodrome registration ensures you're on the right route.

Refer to this pdf for more details.

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